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We are two Primary school teachers from Manchester, who are slightly addicted to reading children’s books. And when we say addicted, we really do mean ADDICTED! Every other day we have parcels (or as we like to call them, ‘presents’) arriving, containing the latest releases. Through our joint passion, we have formed a firm friendship. Everyday we message each other with a picture or mini review of our latest read – and do you know what, we found that it really helped us maintain a positive state of mind during this crazy moment in time. For the past year, we have talked about our future ambition: To open an independent bookshop in Manchester, that will be a haven for all children (especially in disadvantaged areas) to explore the menagerie of worlds that children’s literature provides.

Obviously, that’s the big dream!

So, our first small step towards achieving this is to create this blog. As proud Mancs, we had to use ‘This is the Place’ as our name, a nod to Tony Walsh’s poem that highlights the amazing achievements of our hometown – something we can only aspire to live up to! Each week, we hope to upload two new reviews with a range of ideas for how to use them in the classroom. As teachers, we understand how vital the teaching community is, and we know how useful it has been when others have shared their creative ideas. This is our little way of paying that good deed forward!

Happy reading everybody!

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